Customer Success Story: Sport Association App


The Sport Association App faced a profitability challenge and sought to incorporate payments without alienating existing users. Understanding which app features users were willing to pay for and determining the optimal pricing was crucial.


Leveraging the PriceAgent app, we conducted a detailed analysis of user preferences to identify desirable features. Subsequently, we devised three distinct packages for the app – a free version and two paid versions. The free version retained many features, ensuring customer satisfaction, and provided a seamless pathway for upselling to the paid versions. This approach not only addressed the challenge but also paved the way for a revamped pricing strategy.


Previously offering the app for free, the association strategically priced their premium version at $499, leading to a substantial boost in annual revenue. Astonishingly, this pricing adjustment had no adverse effect on customer numbers; instead, it resulted in an immediate and significant profit. The success story underscores the transformative impact of precision pricing through the PriceAgent app, outperforming traditional consultancy methods.

Customer Success Story- Sport Association App