Best Pricing Intelligence Software for Profit Growth 2023

A revolutionary SaaS platform that unveils the ideal price point

The price intelligence software allows you to know how your prices effects customers purchasing decisions. As a result, your company's profitability and sales performance improve. The PriceAgent software is collecting live data from your current and potential customers.

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"PriceAgent is the world’s first software that defines the customer’s true willingness to pay in real time, this will change how businesses set their prices. It's nothing other than groundbreaking"

What you get in PriceAgent

Customer Segmentation

Determine the optimal price point prospective customers are willing to pay by gender, age, income, region, time of year.

Prioritized Product Features

Determine the precise additive boost in unit volume a specific product benefit or descriptor can provide.

Optimize Volume

Determine the boost in unit volume a specific promotional event can provide.

Marketing Optimization

Define what channels your customers spend time in and what message resonates with them. 

Precise Price Walls

Determine the exact location of abrupt unit volume drops called price walls due to price changes.

Why priceagent is unique

An illustrations showing ROI

An increase in ROI

Our predictive pricing tool will increase your ROI from the get-go. Since we gather real time data from your customer and potential customer pool, you get actionable insights. When you then adjust your prices to the most optimal point, you typically see an immediate ROI. 

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New Pricing Intelligence Software Algorithm

We have created a unique position in the market with our own state of the art pricing algorithm. This algorithm helps sorting and qualifying the gathered data, and then presenting them in our unique graphs. 

An illustration showing customer reach

Fast & vast reach​

Understand your whole potential customer market and their willingness to pay. The software allows you to segment each customer group, and what social media channel they spend their time on. You will also get granular insights on what drives the willingness to pay on your service or product, for each customer group.  

Why should I think about how I set my prices?

Who doesn’t think about prices? Well, it’s actually something many businesses are lost when it comes to their own pricing.  Envision that you, by changing the price your quantity of sales remain; but your revenue increase – or preferably both sales and revenue increase. By using our cutting edge pricing software, you can identify the product features and market segments that generate the highest willingness-to-pay. 

Our software ensures high-quality, unique and accurate research. With a turnaround time of 24h.

All-New Technology Built in Our Pricing Intelligence Software

The priceagent software is built using the latest most cutting edge technology. The platform is hosted and deployed using cloud native technology, which ensures both speed and security for the users. 

Besides our trademarked algorithm, the software is also built with logic that allows for each finding to be 100% unique to your project.


$ 0.00
Cost per extra project: $2490
Willingness to pay trend reports
Ability to do single projects
*We've estimated your monthly cost based on the options you’ve chosen. Any applicable taxes are not included, and your fees are subject to increase with additional purchases and additional marketing contacts.



$ 995 per month
Billed quarterly
Premium pricing analysis
Project launches: 4 / per year
Cost per extra project: $1490
Maximal Revenue points
Competitor analysis
Price walls -PDA
Dedicated Support: email/chat
*We've estimated your monthly cost based on the options you’ve chosen. Any applicable taxes are not included, and your fees are subject to increase with additional purchases and additional marketing contacts.


$ 2490 per month
Billed monthly
Premium pricing analysis
Project launches: 12 / per year
Cost per extra project: $1490
Maximal Revenue points
Price walls - PDA
Competitor analysis
Dedicated Support
*We've estimated your monthly cost based on the options you’ve chosen. Any applicable taxes are not included, and your fees are subject to increase with additional purchases and additional marketing contacts.

Optimize Your Pricing Strategy with Our Powerful Pricing Tools

Priceagent provides a suite of powerful pricing tools to help B2C companies optimize their pricing strategy and increase profitability. Our tools are designed to give you a competitive advantage by providing you with insights and data that can inform your pricing decisions.

Our pricing tools include:

  • Value-Based Pricing: Use data analytics and customer insights to identify the optimal price points based on the perceived value of your products or services to different customer segments.
  • Competitive Pricing Analysis: Compare your prices to your competitors’ prices to ensure you’re offering competitive prices that are attractive to your target market.
  • Price Optimization: Use machine learning algorithms to analyze pricing data and identify the optimal prices for your products or services.
  • Sales Analysis: Gain insights into your sales data to identify trends and opportunities for growth.

With priceagent’s pricing tools, you can optimize your pricing strategy, improve your bottom line, and stay ahead of your competitors. Our user-friendly interface and customizable features make it easy to use our tools, even if you don’t have a background in data analysis or pricing strategy.

How is demand affected by pricing?​

Demand is generally thought to slope downward: as prices rise, consumers buy less. The intersection of the two curves represents the market-clearing price—the price at which demand and supply are equal.

But this isn’t the full story, demand is also effected when consumers perceive the price as too low. This a psychological phenomena, if the customer perceives the price as far too low they consider the product or service of a lower quality.

Prices can fluctuate for a variety of reasons (technology, consumer preference, weather conditions).

How can we ensure statistical significance?​

Statistical significance is a determination made by an analyst that the data’s results cannot be explained solely by chance. Which ensures that the results are reliable. Our trademarked algorithm utilises arguments with quality checks to ensure all the inputted data is relevant. In addition the algorithm has such accuracy as you can draw relevant conclusions from as little as 15 respondents.

Image of a computer displaying graphs

Calculate your profit potential​

Use the profit calculator to estimate how an increase in price would effect your profit. See what your companies ROI could be. The calculator uses real data examples from previous customers to give you an accurate indication of what your new profits would be.

Expert Support

Our team is dedicated to your success. We are here to ensure you get the support you need and to see that your business grows in the right way. Our team will get back to you with 24h on weekdays. 

They are also readily available for more ongoing support and analytical help. To guarantee you get the full value of the data.

Dynamic Pricing Solutions for Your Business

Are you struggling to find the right pricing structure for your products or services? Do you want to increase your revenue and improve your bottom line? PriceAgent can help.

Our dynamic pricing software are designed to optimize your pricing structure and increase your profitability. We offer a range a refined version of value-based pricing, which measures your customers true willingness to pay. 

With PriceAgent, you can:

  • Conduct market research to understand your target audience and their pricing preferences.
  • Analyze your competitors’ pricing strategies to stay ahead of the game
  • Test different pricing models to find the one that maximizes your revenue
  • Adjust your pricing in real-time based on market trends and demand

Our platform is easy to use and customizable to your needs. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large enterprise, we can help you optimize your pricing structure and increase your profitability.

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