Quality Assurance of the method & technology

We let you focus on what you do best – your product. While we focus on what do best high quality research. 

Algorithm for quality check

For many years, Atenga Insights have developed and trained an algorithm that ensures the quality of your data. The same algorithm orders and makes sense of your data. This is the true power of our SaaS platform. 

Getting relevant respondents

Another crucial factor is asking the right people (the right questions). That’s why we are collaborating with the prime panels to ensure we are not asking everyone, but asking your customers and potential customers.

High quality research design

A relevant research design is at the very core of our pricing intelligence software. This means you as our client do not have to design your research – we do it for you. Utilising cutting edge technology we have enabled you to get 100% unique research design, whilst keeping the research design to the quality made of an expert. 

Time relevant results

Gone are the days where you bought pricing consultancy for hundres of thousands, with a turn around of 6 months. The last years have proven that the world is fast paced and things change rapidly. For many industries, waiting 6 months for these insights are redundant. But with Priceagent you will get your results in between 24h-48h.