About us

We bring data to the hands of business. Using top technology we ensure fast and accurate insights. This is our story and how we took decades of experience in the consulting industry and made it automatic (and brining the cost down for you by about 80%)

Leading technology In creating powerful insights for businesses

We offer you the best digital services to increase sales and profits with a powerful software. We are passionate about helping your business reach its technological goals and converting your innovative ideas into reality, by utilising our stellar pricing intelligence software.


Our Story

In 2018 the founders of Atenga Insights, began thinking about how they could radically change their pricing consultancy. They saw how the insights helped businesses give their customers what they wanted and increased their sales and profits. But the process of giving them the insights was time consuming and costly. This inevitably led to that Atenga Insights further improving their market offering and challenging the pricing industry.

Even so, there were much more improvements to be made, and the team realized the solution was building a SaaS platform to speed up the process and sharpen the findings further.

PiceAgent is the world’s first Predictive Pricing Platform tailored for every company that wants to improve their price settings process. The aim is to give Pricing Power to all companies on the globe.

You can say that we are democratizing Pricing Research.

The problem we are trying to solve

Many companies struggle with setting accurate prices on their product or service. Usually you look at your margins and/or your competitors to try and come up with a suitable price. 

…But there is another way. There is a way that you can measure the true willingness to pay, in real time. This also allows you to differentiate who has the highest willingness to pay, and what in your product or feature your customers like the most. 


We are building a SaaS platform automating the process of the old consultancy. Building a software allows this tool to be used by every company who wishes to make data driven decisions.  

Why is this problem worth solving?

We believe that many companies are leaving money at the table. We have seen from our experience in Atenga insights (our sister company) that when it comes to pricing, companies generally do not have a clue on how much they can price. It is more common to look at competitors and the company’s margins, rather than willingness to pay.

Furthermore, the data we gather also tells us who wants to pay what. This is differences in demographics, and the granularity in the data also provides insights into what they want to pay for. In simpler terms, you can find out exactly what drives that particular customer to buy your product, why and at what price.


Giving companies the opportunity to know what their customers want to pay for. Mitigating them from developing products or services that will never fly with their customers.


Allowing companies to autonomously launch a project to answer any version of questions relating to the willingness to pay. The initial version will allow for a 24-48h turn around but the ultimate goal is live updates.