Customer Success Story: Technology Brand – USA


A prominent technology brand aimed to launch a new line of services in the rapidly growing United States and Canada markets. With a belief in differentiating itself through seamless integration and adaptable functionality, the company sought significant revenue opportunities in the evolving landscape.

Solution & Results:

Leveraging the PriceAgent app, we embarked on a tailored project to measure the market’s willingness to pay against crucial value drivers. Surprisingly, our analysis revealed that the demand for the company’s services was primarily driven by compliance obligations rather than technical needs. Targeting IT managers in finance, medical, education, and aerospace sectors, our findings showcased finance as having the highest willingness to pay and facing frequent and stringent audits.

Armed with this insight, the company rebranded its services as ‘compliance support’ and shifted its approach, targeting chief executives for meetings instead of just IT managers. The introduction of a free compliance audit at the sales process’s outset proved highly successful. Sales capture soared by 44% within four months of project completion. The compliance audit, beyond its regulatory benefits, became a valuable tool for executives to monitor compliance and technical implementation. Furthermore, existing customers eagerly adopted the compliance audit, willing to pay for this added value. This success narrative exemplifies how the PriceAgent app can drive strategic shifts, maximizing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Customer Success Story: Technology Brand – USA​