PriceAgent Launch Press Release

Global Pricing Innovator Atenga Insights Announces Launch of PriceAgent

Powerful SaaS Platform Allows Companies to Bring Real Time Pricing and Branding Research In-House

Stockholm – Atenga Insights, a leading European pricing research company headquartered in Stockholm with a US office in Los Angeles has completed its extensive beta market testing phase for its revolutionary SaaS platform PriceAgent.

The PriceAgent platform is the first of its kind which can determine prospects’ and customers’ true willingness to pay, in as little as a few hours, versus the current norm of weeks or months. To achieve this PriceAgent utilizes highly targeted online databases and proven algorithms to help companies optimize their pricing strategies and increase profits.

Price optimization is a crucial aspect of any successful business, but determining the correct price point can be a complex and challenging task. Traditional methods rely on historical internal and competitive data, but these methods do not take into account customers’ true willingness to pay in real time. Atenga Insights‘ new PriceAgent SaaS platform offers an on-premise solution providing businesses with real-time data and analytics and allowing them to make informed pricing decisions based on customers’ actual behavior.

Already Making Head-Waves

In addition to pinpointing optimal price points PriceAgent can also answer a number of mission critical questions including what customer segments will pay the highest price, as well as prioritizing which product feature or service attributes stimulate the higher price or highest sales volume. This can prove to be immensely helpful to ensuring new product launch programs generate the highest possible ROI.

PriceAgent’s goal is to empower in-house corporate teams who have a significant need to deepen their understanding of what their customers value the most. Previously companies had to rely on external, expensive and time challenged third party consultants or historical and often outdated competitive pricing data; now this tool democratizes the data and enables the client to be a master of their own pricing strategy.

The PriceAgent service includes a variety of features, such as:

  • Real-time data and analytics that track customers’ behavior and preferences
  • Automated pricing recommendations based on the customers’ true willingness to pay
  • An intuitive user-friendly interface with customizable settings
  •  Identification of “Price Walls” i.e. exact price points where a small increase/decrease has a significant impact on unit demand.
  • 24/7 customer support

The PriceAgent platform is designed to be scalable, so businesses can start small and expand as their needs grow. Pricing will begin at less than $3,000 per research project.

About Atenga Insights

Atenga Insight is a pricing strategy company that provides unique insights on customers true willingness to pay. Founded by Robert Tinterov, the company has performed some 1000 different pricing projects of all sizes from start-ups to leading global brands. Its PriceAgent SaaS platform has completed its beta stage and interested parties are welcome to contact PriceAgent directly at or sign up for an account directly here. For more information visit the company website at